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My First SL Fashion Show

So I've never intended to go to an SL Fashion Show for many reasons, not the least of which is I'm not exactly a fashion show girl in my first life. But just as importantly, it seemed like they would probably be lag-hell in SL. However, today, when I logged in for a few minutes I received a group IM about this show featuring the Ghost and Aphrodite Creations and it mentioned freebies *grins* so I couldn't resist. After setting my browser for low draw distance, sun/moon light, and no mesh detail for trees and objects it wasn't too bad. An added bonus? running into Dove Swanson there and hearing the hilarious patter between her and a few of her friends--they should definitely take it on the road!

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My First Fashion Show in SL--this is from Ghost

Check this out!
posted by Nicki Clary on Narcissus Island using a blogHUD : [permalink]
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